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HeartTransformed: Ending Racism Testimonials

Michael D says:

I live in the deep south and grew up in a racist household with a bloodline of confederates. Rarely do you encounter teachers who bring first hand perspectives of transformation of race and racism into to your working reality to see its stigma; not as shameful but as a powerful tool for your own freedom and self transformation. How wonderful is that? Take the step and sign up with Richard, you will thank yourself.

Debra S says:

The class that Richard had on “Transforming Racism Transcending Race was truly filled with insights for me. One of the insights was that this whole “racism” thing was constructed many many years ago (Richard did give dates) and was meant to divide us. The people in power decided to construct the whole thing to divide those who have less power to dictate the culture. What was a gift was that he kept reminding us that we are the “human race”, some of us have more melanin that others, that is all. It also made me realize how I can get into that place in my head where I can see the programming of “better than, less than”. Learning how to language all of this will be ongoing for me. The language of love and connection vs separation.
thank you Richard!!!!

Sandra M says:

I could not have anticipated what a personal journey this training would become! Richard was able to bring a historical context to race and racism that I lacked. As a Colombian born U.S. citizen, I did not understand the meaning that certain words have within the cultural, historical and social context of the United States. Richard's heart-focused approach provided a safe space to find sources of bias within myself. This process allowed me to identify not just how I too classified people but also how my own bias manifested in my social and personal life. My new understanding allows me to appreciate the complexity of race relations in this country. In addition, by identifying and overcoming my own way of categorizing and separating people I have now transcended racism. I now feel more compassion for people that feel discriminated and for those discriminating. 

Ellen W S says:

I registered for Richard Shealey’s Transforming Racism Transforming Race class expecting it would challenge my assumptions and be delivered with heart. And both were true. Richard delivers information – even that which is hard-to-hear and borders on uncomfortable – with kindness void of judgment. For someone like me who has much to learn about the history and present state of racism in this country, Richard built a safe space in which to explore new ideas and look thoughtfully at unexpected assumptions I may have carried throughout my life. I value what I learned and as a result of the class have a chance to view the world around me with more empathy for others and myself.

Richard W. Shealey is an intuitive healer, author, coach, US Air Force Veteran and the Founder of The Optimal Human Global Community.



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